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Default RE: Midwest Aerogloss paint-

ORIGINAL: weskel
Can I just simply repaint it with my choice of fuel proof paints?
or is there a compatability issue...
The aircraft has a gas engine on it also, so the dope finish on it now is gasoline proof..
Nitrate and butyrate dope both resist gasoline. Nitrate won't resist glow fuel.

It's kind of unlikely that the entire finish is nitrate dope. A lot of dope finishes were/are done with nitrate dope as a base and butyrate for the top coats. You can put butyrate over nitrate, but not the other way around. In theory, you should be able to put anything you want over dope. Just be sure that the surface is squeeky clean and well sanded. Then try a test in a hidden spot before proceeding. There is always a chance of having a problem.
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