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Default RE: Tower Hobbies .46 Mufflers Question

This is the information you need. I have seen many Tower Hobbies mufflers fall off. I have also seen many other makes of mufflers fall off. Use Loctite on all of the threads, including the muffler pressure tap, after cleaning the threads, male and female. If you stop here the muffler will still fall off. Get a tube of Silicone Automotive Adhesive or Gasket, and use it on all of the muffler surfaces: The flange to the engine, both ends of the muffler center section, both ends of the long central bolt. This will work perfect for maybe 6 months or longer. If you see any leaks anywhere on the muffler, it is time to redo the whole thing. I have been flying since 1974. I do not recall loosing a flanged muffler. At our field we loose a lot of mufflers. I have repeated this story many times. Some people make this a low priority. My engines quit so rarely that I make poor emergency landings.
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