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Default Onboard Glow & Remote Glow Driver

I am interseted in putting a programmable Onboard Glow Driver that will activate at low Throttle to help prevent Low Idle flameouts on an Inverted 4stroke; I currently have a remote glow driver set up; I use a Radio-South Glow driver which has the led's that indicate current draw as an indication of a dead glow plug or flooded engine, real helpful; I want to continue to use my remote glow driver and Radio-South Glowdriver; could I splice the leads coming from the Onboard Glow Driver and Remote glow driver together to the lead going to the Glow Plug, however, would this short out the onboard glow driver when I used the remote glowdriver, which is my preferred method of energizing the glow plug at start up; if helpful the Onboard Glow Driver I am interested in is an Expert Electronics OnBoard Glowdriver(#EXRA550) from Horizon Hobby. Thanks.
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