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Default RE: O.S. 26 four stroke What plane?

The only OS 4-strokes I have are two FS-26 engines. My other 4-strokes are Saitos for no other reason than that is what my local shop carries.
As previously stated I like them a lot. They are easy starting, quiet, doesn't use much fuel and have about the same power as an OS 25LA when using an APC 10x5 prop. The oldest of the engines is approx. 10 years and have run for approximately 80 hours. So far nothing has worn out.
If I could keep only one engine this may very well be it (or maybe an OS 46 SF).
As for fuel, I run it on 80% methanol 15% synthetic oil and 5% nitro. I don't use castor oil at all for any of my engines except for running them in.

Take good care of your Os FS-26 and it will serve you very well!

/Red B.
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