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Default RE: Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...

Your welcome for me pointing out these plans, but Email and thank the guy who made it all possible. They look simple for a first time build yet it's a cool looking plane. Talked to the author and he has a few more points to add that I'll post when I go over them. COG spot, etc...the few little loose ends that will help us newbie foam builders get it right the first time. I'm in the process of digging up simple and cheap hot wire cutter plans to build it. The way I understand it all the cuts can be done with a hacksaw but to do the wing airfoil it'll be a lot easier with a hot wire cutter. Will also post that info when I gather it.

I've found out through the help of others how to upscale this plane's dimensions to handle a 540 brushed motor and Sub C packs. Once I've tweaked out that info I'll also post it. I plan to build the plane first using it's stock dimensions using a BP21 brushless motor and 3 cell 2000ma lipos. Same setup I use in my Stryker and she is FAST with plenty of power. Once I've mastered the build using stock dimensions I'm going to build the 540 version which should be a BIG horse in the air and will be done up to look like a P38. I'll keep you posted.

Hot wire cutters are simple to make, by the way...with only a few parts that you can often find in your garage. Not much to them.

Yea, the Stryker can't be beat for fun and potential, along with easy to find cheap parts at the local hobby store. Do yourself a favor and try a BP21 with the BP30 amp speed control from Balsa products. Buy them as a combo and the price is only like $56 total. With Dymond Motorsports 2000ma 3 cell 10C lipos (cheapest on the market at only $35) I get long run times and a fast motor. Pushes the Stryker in the 80mph range using a 7x6 prop (best all around prop to use on it). Using Hitec HS81 (Or the Metal Gear version is even better) servos. You'll never go back to stock again. I've taken the jump with a JRsx600 sport computer radio and JR sport 6 channel RX (VERY small with great range). Check the Stryker thread in the parkfliers forum for all the info you'll need.
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