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Default RE: Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...


Sounds like your off and running. I was looking closer at the plan info and then felt the hook set when I tried to understand the airfoil. 2 hours on the web and I am still in the dark. I am having trouble with my e-mail account so it is hard to e-mail Foamflyer. Any detail you can share on laying out the wing and shaping it will be very helpful. Still looks to me like this plane could be made to run on water with very little effort. A side view of the plan would help as well since he really did not detail the size and shape of much other than the wing and horizontal stab.

I already dropped a Lipo into my Stryker and am in the process of collecting the gear to go to brushless. Went with Hitech Optic 6 radio. Did not want to have to upgrade in the future. I am all in now.

Good Flying
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