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Default RE: Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...

Don't panic! As a matter of fact I just emailed him ealier today about the airfoil. The way it looks to me you take a hot wire cutter and simply cut a curve into the leading edge of the wing...the rest being flat. Still, I wanted to be sure and also needed to know if there is a certain degree of curve I need to measure out. He hasn't got back to me yet but told me the other day on a different topic about the plane that he'd be updating his website plans for it to clear up stuff for us newbies. Yep, bet it'll float with little or no modification. You'd probably just need a small flot hanging down from about mid wing on each side to keep it level. His design only uses two servos...one for the elevator and one for one wing flap. I plan to use two wing flaps (more control) so that'll mean three servos. Then there is the fact that I've never flew a plane with a seperate elevator and airleons. All my experience has been V-tail & Delta wing, which are both pretty much the same thing. Should be fun! Not even sure yet but I think you can mix the two control surfaces for this plane's type of setup onto one stick on the computer radio. The learning is always fun but usual involves lots of crashing...

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