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Default RE: Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...

Hey, thanks for jumping in and cool ideas on modding these plans! Never thought to use the wing off something else....Still, I like the "squarish" look of this guy's plans. It makes it look like a WWII bomber. Just gives it that look of "strength", if you know what I mean. Like I said, I'll be tweaking it out cosmeticly to look like a P38 unless some other WWII bomber that looks similar strikes my fancy. In fact, I think the british or somebody had a small bomber that looked like this with dual booms and even had a pusher prop. If anybody knows of WWII planes that look like what I'm talking about please post a link. The stock dimension bird with a BP21 brushless motor and 2000ma 3 cell lipos should rock and roll. I'll probably go to a different prop than the 7x6 I'm using on the BP21 Stryker...something that will give it more torque and less speed. I want it to be a horse in the air. Then again, this one could be built for speed and the upscaled 540 version I'm going to build will be the torque monster. We'll see....plently of beers to drink before I make those decisions.

By the way, I'm glad I found those planes too! I was doing hours of searching for 540 motor foamie plans when somehow these plans popped up. Don't remember what word search I did but these plans aren't easy to find, for me anyway. Then, a few days later I couldn't find the link back to them again. Took me a while of desperate searching until I found them again. A lot of junk and dead ends out there...but if you dig for free foamie plans you'll find some real good ones.
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