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Default RE: Club Members insist on flying solo...

If those flyers are trying to practice for an event, or to stay in a competitive condition, I can understand why they wouldn't like to have another plane interupting their concentration, but I would think they would also show some courtesy for other club members, first by explaining what they are doing and coming to some kind of arrangement with others, and second by not hogging the air and letting others, especially like the situation you said you have, strapped for time.
My club field used to be about a 5 minute drive from where I work, maybe 10 if I stopped at Micky Ds for a bite. Knowing that I had to get back to work, if someone was on my frequency, he would give up the freq pin and let me fly as soon as he was down. At least most of the Gummers would, and a few of the younger guys iff they had a day off.
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