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Default RE: Insurance for airplanes

In 1994, I came home late from our club's annual public flying demonstration, and figured I'd empty my car out the next morning. Apparently, left one door unlocked. Next morning, car was almost empty.
Checked with my homeowners, wasn't given a lot of hope. Also called AMA, was told that if I had a police report showing B&E, document my losses and send the documentation in with a copy or the police report, but to check with my auto insurance first.
Took a copy of the report and documentation to my auto insurance agent. The documentation consisted of pictures of the planes, a list of the transmitters with serial numbers, Engines, and some flightline tools and equipment, and copies of latest catalog pages showing the replacement prices. Also statements that some of the missing merchandise was either no longer available, or scratch built, and had prices of materials or of equivalent kits.
Claim was for $2600. Was told that the company's normal procedure was to provide an initial partial payment, then to make further payments on receipt of proof of replacement costs until the claim amount minus the deductable was paid out, but since I had detailed documentation, was asked to come back in about 2 hours. I did, and was handed a check for $2350. Having good documentation with photos matching catalog pages simplified things for them, so they simplified things for me. Also, at that time, some homeowner's companies were starting to blacklist people for submitting claims. I have heard on the Clark Howard program that nowadays, some companies may cut you out for even making an inquiry that hints you might be putting in a claim. Or at least recalculating your premiums.
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