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Default RE: Here's a Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! Cool Looking Plane Too...

I'll be chiming in when I have something to report. It may be a few weeks as I'm building a new body for the BP21 Stryker and am occupied with other things at the moment. However, I did come up with a great excuse to buy the 1 and 1/2" pink foam from Home Depot or Lowes (It's the only version of the foam I can find in my area...besides that fan fold stuff but it's way too thin for this plane). I hear the blue foam is the best (weighs slightly less) but the pink should work fine. Anyway, I'm picking some up this week to insulate some windows on the house. The guy at Home Depot said it works great for this...better than taping plastic over the window. Simply cut out a square to fit the window and stuff it right into the frame against the glass from inside the house. Was worried this might cause sweating problems but was told it won't. It won't look great but the windows I'll be blocking are in unused rooms anyway. Of course I will have somehow bought too much foam for the window project...and lucky enough for me I have just another use for that foam...
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