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Default RE: Club Members insist on flying solo...

Insisting on solo, what kinda BS is that. We had one guy that would get kinda bent everytime some else would fly when he did. I personally told him to bite me but some guy would just bown down, it got to the point we kicked him out of the club. AFter your comfortable you can fly and your confortable that they can fly I say just go for it. If they really have a problem flying with others in the air then they will land. sounds harsh but I haven't been to a club yet that says you have to wait until everyone is down. It is the purpose of a frequecy board. except for maybe rookies learning to fly We just go for it. If there is someone I'm not sure if they are close to my frequency I'll bump on and off my tx and see if the plane take a hit. OUr feild has 30+ very active people and we on a regular basis have 12+ aircraft in the air and the only time this is an issue is when someone goes dead stick and someone is taking off at the same time. we just deal with it laugh at it and keep having fun.
like was said before. if someone want to be selfish and own the sky he needs to buy his own feild
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