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Default Servo Size?

Recently while searching for a nice little fully functional aircraft to train my friend on, i came across this aircraft...
Of course this is way out of a begginers league, and more into what i am capable of, and after making such a find, i would really like to transfer my electronics to this aircraft considering its my all time favorite prop-plane (real-life). My only dissappointment with this plane is the tail number... I prefer N540L- (im not sure if i can change it or not). Earlier in the year, they had a gas model, however the electric version was not in production, and now my dream come true, low and behold the 400 speed electric model. According to the website, it requires 4 micro servos,and a micro receiver. I currently own 4 hs-55 servos, and a cirrus mrx-6 micro receiver,which power my Wattage Mad Max. My question is weather or not this is compatable, i cant seem to find a website giving specific requirements. Does anybody out there have one of these, or know what its compatable with?

thanks guys...

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