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Default Strange Power Issue - Ideas?

A while back (september to be exact) I was in California visiting family and met a seemingly extrodinarily friendly modeler. After meeting with him and telling him my recent interest and initiation into the hobby he quickly offered his time and resources to me during my stay there. The two of us went flying once and he let my fly a great Cessna 182 - it was incredible! Flew like a champ! The plane at half throttle flew like a Cessna should, and at full throttle was able to pull off manuevers that seemed unlikely for such a bird... Anyway, this guy let my kids fly on the buddy box (a trainer model) and even let my father-in-law fly and was so patient and kind we were all amazed... Enough with the introduction and now, on with the issue at hand...

To make a long story short, I ended up purchasing three (3) of this guys planes. They arrived via grayhound (which i wouldn't suggest to anyone, as every single stabilizer was busted) and I enthusiastically prepared them all for flight.

The Cessna which flew incredibly was taken to the flying field just this past saturday. I don't have a buddy box plug on the TX so an instructor agreed to "get the plane up" and then let me "take the sticks". Well, the take off was horrible to say the least! I took the ENTIRE length of the runway to get off the ground and even then was questionable. Once the plane was in the air the tail was dragging like a porpose! I flew horrible!!!! The instructor landed the plane well (how, i have NO idea!) and proceded to tell me "It seems sooooo tail heavy.". We check the CG and it turned out to be okay... He then determined the plane is "terribly under-powered."

This is completely different then what I witnessed in CA before the plane was sent to me!

If anyone has any ideas as to what would cause this, and or how I can rectify this unexplicable "power loss", I would greatly appreciate your input. Please help...

Thanks in advance. - Boogieman2
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