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Default RE: Muffler Manf. should list....

Darock: you know something, your absolutely right! THe real story was I did call ( e-mailed) and described the problem with the tech support person and for a few days we went back and forth. I just could not get it through my head that this thing was not fitting a standard mount from H9 using a Saito 100. I've read hundreds of ARF reviews in all the top mag's and each time this brand of muffler is mentioned the author would casually say " Then I opted for the Pitts side-exhuast on the big Saito and headed to the field" come-on! SO when the techie told me to try putting a little concave bend in it...I relented and that was the worst thing I could have done. I never got the angle correct so I wound up almost crushing the thing. BTW there was no mention on the package that I would need any extra extensions, I would have gladly purchased one if there had been. SO has this kind of thing ever happened to anyone else OR is it just my dumb bad luck? I'm going back to the source on this since I did save all the e-mails!
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