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Default RE: A.R.D. Stingray ?


DBA=doing business as. Wood like a nose engine canard type that will really scoot, 130-140 mph and turn, prefer a 60 size for a Jett 90L. Seem like a easy one, but not so as it would seem. I noted a jet in europe just got clocked at 421 mph, so I think your side of the pond may have better design and kit manufacturing for this type of stuff. The Stingray I understand is quite fast with a 50 and turns well, just what I need. The down side is the size and my growing old eyesight. Ticks me off as the rest of me is still quit good, ah, as to reactlions that is. Our club races are well thought out in our view and orginized to keep the need of help down. There is the CD and two pylon judges, thats it. Calleers are used only to count the laps and report to the CD. Racers that rely on their quality caller would be in trouble here. Not a real problem after a lap and the general location of the pilon is found, you get into a rhythm. We spend a lote more time in the shop plotting and building. Have enjoyed being king of the hill for the past two years, but the gang is closing in on me big time. Must go back and make something I can see well go fast and turn. Have several months to plot and test, but gotta get at it. My home desigh "Yellow Jacket" may hold off the crowd for another year, but I doubt it. Last race day I won 2 of 4 races, and overall by 1 cut, 3 total points for the year. Very close as racing goes where 160 total points available. Any, thats what I am up too, looking for the perfect airplane that is not a Q-500 type which is rules prohibited. Gotta go. ENJOY
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