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Default returning an ARF,,,

if you happened to order an ARF plane from one of the "most" repeatable companies and pay $39 shipping, and the plane comes in an un-acceptable condition because the 2 main wings are all scratched and scraped, gouged, dinged and one wing had glue on it's leading edge~ and so you send it back and you find they have no more planes to replace it with~ don't you feel the company should not only return the cost of the plane they should return the cost of the initial shipping to you ?? (the company did pay the return shipping),,,

a few more things before you decide,,, because you have been in the hobby a while you even happen to suspect that the box has been re-kited ~ you suspect the wings in this kit were used to replace wings that customers sent back for replacement,,,, why,,,

1) because the box has been opened, you know this because the tape was cut and the box was re-taped,,

2) upon opening the box the items were not packaged well, the packaging materials was just laying on the top of the plane & parts,,,

3) although the fuse was in perfect condition and glossy/shiny the wings were dull, un-glossy, rash-ed, they looked as if they had been laying around on the bench for a while, then of-course as I said above both wings were scratched and scraped, gouged, dinged and then the one wing with the glue on the leading edge,,, even the stabs, elev, and rudder were gouged and dinged,,,

and because the box had been opened the company certainly should have known the wings were in an un-acceptable condition,,, you have to ask yourself why was this box opened if it wasn't re-kited, and because it was opened then why was it sold in this condition ??,,,

so, wouldn't you feel because this company sent you an inferior damaged product they should replace the initial shipping to you ??

(keep in mind that I had the cost of the plane returned to me,,, I just feel I should get the initial shipping cost too)

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