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Default RE: returning an ARF,,,

I would say that "yes", you should be reimbursed for the initial shipping. Thats the right thing to do. It's the stand-up thing to do.

But, good luck getting it outta them. No matter WHO the company is--you're going to have a pretty tough time convincing them to give you back the $39.

I'd just chalk it up to experience and consider yourself lucky that your ONLY out $39--and not much, much more.

There's just some things that aren't worth your time to fight over. $39 is a drop in the bucket compared to the $$ we spend on this hobby.

I DO understand your point. It's the principal of it all. Why should you be out $39 because they sent you an inferior product that had to be returned?

But, it's just not worth fighting over and it's certainly not worth loosing sleep or flying time over.
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