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Default RE: returning an ARF,,,

Should you get "time lost" compensation as well???

Being a modeler myself, I'd say you ought to be allowed to whip the owner of that mystery company with carbon fiber wing reinforcing rods and pour high nitro fuel over his head and.... chuckle.... extreme? maybe not..... (and I'm really only half kidding)

From what you saw of the kit, I'd say you owe it to us to divulge the name of the company. Jeez, don't you like us? You want us to get screwed too? Yeah, maybe everything they ship isn't shop worn, but think about it..... Anything could happen with them and if it does, whomever it happens to is going to be screwed. That type business isn't going to be worth dealing with no matter how small the problem.

Hey.... what size carbon fiber rods would you suggest? I'm thinking 1/8"..... [:@]
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