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Default RE: returning an ARF,,,

ORIGINAL: exeter_acres

Do it hink so? Yes

Will it happen? No

I guess the only way to think about it is.. say you drove to the hobby store (OK< for sake of argument, assume you get 2 miles to the gallon so it costs you $39 in gas)
you get home, and realize that you have to return an item... should the store pay for your gas??

We all would like to say Yes... but they won't...

make sense?

Sorry about the plane and tell the nice[:@] people at Hobbico we all say Hello!
Do any of the Hobbico family of companies charge $39 for shipping? Sounds more like another vendor that gets lots of negative comments here for inflated shipping prices, poor customer service, etc.

And IF I bought an ARF from a hobby shop and got home and discovered that it had been opened up and put back damaged, I certainly would be looking for compensation, in some form, from the hobby shop. However, a hobby shop low enough to do something like this probably wouldn't care enough to be concerned about the long term impact of doing things like this.
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