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Default RE: returning an ARF,,,

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There are lots of imported ARF's being sold on eBay by phantom companies. They continually post the same groups of models and some actually sound like a pretty good deal. But what gets me is some of the return policies. One in particular (I'm not mentioning any names) really gets me. First, you spend up to $35 to have the item shipped to you, AND pay $3.00 for "mandatory" insurance. But then, get this (this is the actual policy stated in the auction):

Return Policy:
All sales are final, no return is allowed. If goods should be defective upon receipt, customer has up to 3 days from date of receipt for exchange of new one. please notify us no later than 3 days after you receive the item and we will arrange re-shipment of relevant parts. Buyer must email us for exchange notice prior to returning item, buyer pay all return and resend shipping & handling fee and item must also be in its original box and packing.
Shipping & Handling fees are non-refundable.

So let me get this straight... if after I've paid $35 for shipping AND paid $3.00 for mandatory insurance, if the ARF arrives and is defective (I didn't say "damaged in shipping", I said "defective"), you want ME to pay for the return to you AND pay a new $35 shipping charge to have the defective ARF replaced? Exactly what was the "Mandatory" insurance for?

Know what? I've already decided what I'd do - take my business elsewhere!

Most "reputable" companies don't hesitate to make something right - at no charge to you. I would never expect to get the original shipping charges back, but I would expect the company to pay any ADDITIONAL charges incurred to "make it right".
Sounds like the Raidentech phantoms. People are all excited about their low prices but they ignore the fact that the company offers no service, cares about nothing but profit, and most likely follows the typical practice of sending most of their profits back to family in China.
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