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Default RE: returning an ARF,,,

Jim, give it a rest, will you??? Tom refunded your money, and paid for the return shipping. That's more than a lot of companies would do. And if you think you're going to hurt his business with this, guess again. He has a solid reputation and a large core of loyal, satisfied customers. I have no doubt your wings were screwed up; as I told you earlier, my fuselage has some cosmetic flaws. But you're talking about a large, well-done model for three hundred bucks, for Pete's sake. If it cost $500, then you would have more room to gripe. But you would still have gotten your purchase price back, I'll wager.

I'm not minimizing your aggravation. He sold out of the plane, and no doubt would have sent you replacement wings if he had them to send. As it was, he could have said the supplied wings were serviceable, so tough bananas. Might he have sent you some less-than-perfect rejects from another kit? Perhaps. But the bottom line is that he refunded your purchace price and paid for the kit's return to him.

Guys, the vendor in question here is WildHare R/C, out of Dallas. Tom Fawcett has an entire line of large, scale-type aerobatic ARF planes that are extremely popular; and for good reason. He also has the cojones to have his own forum here on RCU; which is more than can be said for 99% of the other hobby mongers in this industry. Why aren't you posting this in that forum, Jim????

I have no affilliation with the guy, other than owning one of his products. But I have spoken with him on the phone; he reminded me of Bill O of Taurus Engines. IOW, a straight-forward, straight-talking business man who is not interested in schmoozing a customer, but in providing a quality product at a fair price.

Jim, if you'll buy that kid a Gene Soucy Extra from The Empire, as has been suggested to you in the past, you'll save yourself some further aggravation. But quit giving yourself an ulcer over $40 in shipping. Take Rcpilet's advice and chalk it up to a bad experience.
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