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Default RE: returning an ARF,,,

Sorry, but I have to agree with the original poster.

If for any reason the vendor cannot "fix" the problem (with the vendor covering all the ADDIDTIONAL costs to do so), then the purchaser is entitled to ALL his money back. If the situation was as described (about the box having been opened and resealed, condition of the packing materials, etc.), then someone had to have known what the condition was and it should have never been used to fill an order. Just because the plane sold out (meaning the vendor didn't have anymore for replacements) doesn't give him the right to keep the original shipping fee if he can't "make it right". If it was a "factory defect" then the DEALER needs to be the one to get whatever is necessary from the factory to make the sale right. If buying direct from the factory, then it should be up to the buyer to deal with the factory. But not in this case. The company you BUY from should be responsible, IMO. And I'm not faulting the dealer in anyway regarding a factory defect - but he needs to handle getting it straightened out (go through the factory and get whatever is necessary to fix the problem and ship it to the buyer at no additional cost). If the factory can't provide replacement parts, the dealer needs to refund ALL the money. Sorry, but fair is fair.
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