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Default RE: 12mm to 14mm hex wheel adapter DrHonda?

Before I did my buggy shaft swap I looked at the RC10 shafts but I felt they were to expensive to experiment with so I didn't try them. Another possibility is the Electric Stampede shiny cvd's but again they are kind of expensive to experiment with and both of them will still require adapters for Maxx size wheels. When you start getting into the after market chrome shafts for other trucks the cost for my swap or Poor Judgements swap isn't that much more. Both of these swaps are proven but if there are other alternatives myself and others definitley would like to know.
The other possible cvd mod that should work is the Duratrax swap that Cenracer1 mentioned if I had known about that swap I might have seriously considered it but it will still leave the problem of the weak diff cups.
I believe these are the parts Cenracer1 was mentioning,

I am just thinking aloud here, combined with these parts and some creative Dremeling (similar to Poor Judgements mod) it might be possible to eliminate the diff cups
But you will need to use T-Maxx knuckles and pillow balls or the Duratrax Thunder Quake knuckles and pillow balls.

Poor Judgement, I know that you warned them I just felt the need to re-state it especially when there was talk of spending a considerable amount of money buying parts.

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