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Default RE: 12mm to 14mm hex wheel adapter DrHonda?

some low profile tyres should help the shaft situation tho - ive got some komodo whatsernames, them low profile jobbies, on the way. i will post picks to compare to my brick pins when the komodos arrive (from US).

i managed half a tank (warm up) with the tmaxx brick pins before i broke a cen shaft - it was the outer part of the cvd too. that was the point where i gave up on cen shafts tbh. i was running the os18 at the time btw, and it was a small low speed cartwheel that broke it iirc, while running on grippy grass.

could just be my driving and throttle control, or the 18, or a combination of everything of course... i really hope it works out, but i would most definately recommend low profile, light weight tyres to help as much as poss with these stock shafts.
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