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Default RE: 12mm to 14mm hex wheel adapter DrHonda?

Wow!! I don’t check this thread for a day… and it doubles in size.

Yes… I think a warning will be in order for this part. But I’m still going to produce it because it should fit a few of the Traxxas trucks as a replacement for the plastic drive hex.

Just as an FYI… I got the end mills I needed, and some aluminum stock… so I should have a prototype done in a day or two. I would do it today… but Sunday is my RC day. (I’m sure you guys understand) I just got a new FireHammer… So, I have to give it a good workout. And I made a new set of mixing arms for a Shogun heli to help with it’s 3D abilities. (Dolphin, Zoom, or Zap 400 for the guys over the pond) So I have to give that a few flights today. The mixing arms will also be a potential new product.

Oh… and after we get this part done… we may have to look at whatever the problem is with the drive axles. (dog bones, CVD’s or whatever it’s using)
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