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love those warbirds, thanks for the kind words, really means alot!!!!!

I attended UTI in Houston. I originally went with the auto/diesel/industrial, but droped auto to go into the USAF on time. I enjoyed UTI very much and i do believe its one of the best tech school out there, if you go, youve made a good decision. I work in a auto shop at the moment, work on all cars, all makes, having a blast, havent touched any diels/industrial, but thats in the USAF, i will have lots of it there. Id say go for UTI, its a GREAT choice. its a bit pricey sure, but that UTI name is sure to get you a job fast, AND if you continue farther, you can go into a FORD program, they train you all on Fords, then grad from that as a ford tech, and be in fords database with UTI. If you have good grades, you can enter maufacture programs, like VW, Volvo, Mercedes, International, Porche, and much more, grad from them, go to work at a dealership for them and they will pay for you schooling. Not a bad deal, plus UTI follows you through you carrer, helping you find jobs, keeps up with your resume, and what not. Go for it!!!!

Good to see ya around again!!!
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