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Default RE: NEW 30% BME EDGE II

Well, after being away from it for a while (due to work and having to repair a profile) I got back to the Edge.

It’s been an enjoyable build and so far everything is going smoothly. A bit slower progress because I’m modifying a few things. First mod is that I'm installing a modular fuel system so that I can switch between a smoke vs. no-smoke setup at the field. I also made some changes for the control horns, pushrods, etc. I'm also using some central hobbies CF rods in place of the set we got in the kit. Those are not bad, just the weight of the steep ends seems to negate the saving of using CF - the Central versions with titanium ends are almost weightless.

Second, I’m using a modified version of the du-bro HD horns. I found a source of *relatively* inexpensive 8-32 titanium all thread. I cut it to the needed length, drill and tap into the hardpoints, screw in the rod, a couple drops of ca and a nut to lock it in place. Then just attach the stock du-bro standoff, mark the distance to the hinge line, redrill and cur it to length. The end result only weighs about 2/3 what the regular du-bro does.

Other than that my setup is fairly typical - Hitec 5945/5955s, dubro horns and ball links, etc. I can get 55+ deg on the elevators and about 45 on the rudder. I could go to 50 on rudder but the cables will start to rub on the fuse sides. I’ve considered going to an offset servo arm so I can cut the rudder horn standoffs back for more clearance, but from reading the thread it sounds like this bird will KE loop easily so I take it its not worth the trouble. Thoughts?

So after 2 days of work I've completed:
* Reglued all suspect joints
* Added lightening holes to stab roots, tail wheel plate, fuse sides, etc
* Cut a new firewall from carbon laminate
* mounted tail wheel (Pete’s CF) and main gear
* Mounted receiver and all servos except throttle, setup all control rods, horns, linkages
* Installed modular fuel tank system (more on that later)
* Started work on wheel pants and cowl

At this point I'm on hold until my engine arrives on backorder. Then its on to engine installation, final radio and battery setup, cowl prep, covering, paint and final assembly. Probably a month worth of evenings once the engine is in (I work slow).

** EDIT** I got some questions on it so I'll mention it here - the source for the titanium all thread is **EDIT **
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