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Default RE: NEW 30% BME EDGE II

JHarkin--- Sounds like you are on the right track all the way. I really like your smoke system install. 45* of rudder is plenty if you have the CG placed properly. The landing gear on mine started delaminating at about the 50th landing (lots of touch and goes). I have some picture of the fix I instituted on the Yak thread using CF gussets. That fix is still working well and I have done the same to my Yak gear prior to painting. The air pockets in the gear probably have nothing to do with the delam problem per se they just indicate a less than optimal build and finish to the gear. The gussets take a bit of overall flex out of the gear but it is still springy enough to make those less than feather-touch landings look good.
BTW, thanks for sharing the source of the titanium threaded rod.

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