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Default RE: NEW 30% BME EDGE II

Max got back to me. I asked if he would send me some covering or tell me what type of covering it was so I could go and buy it. He says that he does not stock the covering where he is and would have to go out and buy some and cut it up and ship it to me. He mentioned that it's just the standard Oracover (in Europe) or Ultracoat (in the US). So I'm just going to get a roll, hopefully the color will match. Maybe the local HS has some. I may just take my cowling to the LHS and see if I can match it up.

This is the color that looks the closest. It's Ultracoat Deep Blue.

Or this one. It's Ultracoat Midnight Blue.


PS: Did anyone else get the smaller Edge 540 decals in white? Mine are, I thin think they are supposed to be black.
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