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BritBrat... nothing is ever simple. I tried to hit at that with my initial disclaimer that everything is related, dependent, etc., but I probably over simplified. You explained a good test, I often use a similar test on pattern ships. I have found that many pattern ships need a small mix, maybe 2%, for throttle to elevator offset to the low side of throttle to prevent pitch moments at low vert speed with low throttle, such as the entry to a stall turn. In a hover, the stab is basically 100% effective due to prop wash, but the wings are not. Would it be possible for the test to indicate for example a pitch to canopy, but yet a true hover would still pitch to belly? I was thinking along the lines of a stab/wing incidence issue where one out plays the other depending upon airspeed and prop wash conditions? I'm look forward to your thoughts on that issue. Cheers.
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