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Default RE: changing e-mail address and IP

Like Chuck (and for many of the same reasons) I also changed to a yahoo address. That way I can access it from anywhere on anyone's computer. Also, I relegate the yahoo address to be my "spam catcher". While you can set yahoo filters to eliminate much of the spam, some still gets through. But I use it for general emailing so if anyone gives, sells (or whatever) my address to others, it all goes through them. I also maintain another email address that I only give out to select friends and family. This one avoids all the unwanted spam.

I suspect much spam received is because some ISP's give (or sell) lists of their own customers' email addresses to others. I made sure my "private" email is through a company that states they won't do that in their privacy statement. So far, it's worked for a whole year.

I know for instance that SBC (partnered with SBC/Yahoo) DOES provide email addresses to others and that's why those accounts DO get a lot of spam. There was an article regarding this in a San Francisco newspaper several years ago. I used to be an SBC subscriber but was what they called a "legacy subscriber" meaning I subscribed BEFORE they partnered with SBC. They sent me constant emails (at least every week) trying to get me to "upgrade" to SBC Yahoo. I never did for exactly that reason. But a year ago, one company installed and offered fiber optic service in our town. I went with that and it's been great.
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