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Default RE: Would appreciate any help at all

the true sailplane market doesn't have the huge following of powered flight, don't get me wrong there are alot of people out there doing it, I do both, it just means you'll have a hard time finding a prefab RTF sailplane. AS far as getting a system

go to tower hobbies to get a radio. Sailplane have much more use for a computer radio than any powered plane. I have a Futaba 7CAP and I use 4 preprogramed mixes and all 3 free mixes and could use another. If your just going to dabl with it then you only need a 4 channel system for basic rudder elevator and aileron. If your at all seriouse about it or will be soon you'll need at least a 6-channal system for spoilers and flaps, you'll need flapperon mix, crow mix or airbrake.


go to nesail to get a hi-start and a sailplane and probably a couple more micro servos, y-harness and some basic tools. A 2-meter ship is what you'll start probably start with

[link=]easy gliderl[/link] though this is better [link=]renney[/link]
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