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Default RE: Tools for the model shop - bandsaw/jigsaw/scroll saw?


Watch the holiday sales. I was just in Sears tonight and saw their benchtop bandsaws at $99.00.
Asmithnc was correct about the scroll saw not making decent staight cuts.
Look at all the parts you will need to cut out if you are scratch building an airplane. 5% or less are inside cuts like fuselage formers. For those parts, you can drill a 1/2" hole in ply parts or cut a section out of balsa with an X-acto knife and open the area up as required with a Dremel Tool.
For every other cut and every other piece you need to make, the band saw will do a superior job compaired to a scroll saw.
Thanks for the tips. I'll keep an eye on the Sears prices. I know when I was looking for a drill press years ago, I was about ready to buy an inexpensive (made in China) Delta model. Turns out a Sears model was identical, included a free drill press vice (invaluble) and was cheaper, on sale.

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