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Default RE: Tools for the model shop - bandsaw/jigsaw/scroll saw?

For model aircraft in the up to 60 inch span sizes I build , the scroll saw is most useful. At the moment in Britain they are an absolute bargain at about 35 to 40 pounds ( 60 to 70 US dollars ) for the Far East brands. I am sure this will not last so buy one now if you are going to need one.
The main point no one mentioned is that scroll saws are safer - that is they do not cut flesh so your fingers are safe! However they will cut solid material such as your finger nails. They will easily cut three eighths birch ply and maybe more with the right blade. Blade tension is important and practice is needed to cut straight. They are perfect for cutting ply formers with intricate slots and curved bits.

If a band saw will not cut straight check out the tips in specialist books- adjust blade guides, remove build up of sawdust from wheels and adjust tracking, correct blade for the job etc. But generally I find they are of little use in model aircraft work.
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