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Default RE: Tools for the model shop - bandsaw/jigsaw/scroll saw?

Well all I have to add my two sense worth

Being a geeser (old) I have over the years purchased cheap tools, only to sell them and buy a better quality and at amuch higher price.
Every brand has some drawbacks, But having been in tool sales for a few years and after watching reading consummers report, I would rate and buy as followes and this is just my opinon and experiance..

The dremel roto tool #1 the rest of there tools suck

Any of the Ryobi bench tools are on the low end of the price range.. they are not precision tools.

Any of the higher price delta, craftsman, ridged, bench type would be the next choice

but if you are a new tool buyer I always say go for the best tool you can aford plus 50% as these tools will last 50 or more years, these are the tool you will get your money back ten fold from..

Cheers Bob T
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