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Default RE: Rut-Ro... CA on the Dining Room Table

This is a case in point for having a work shop!

The chemicals that we use are dangerous to furniture finishes, CA, fuel, acetone all will damage funiture and marrages. .

I realize that not everyone has a basement or garage to work in -BUT- between the odors and the stains on everything from the table to the carpet and walls . . . a separate place to work is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Just show her the oops that you just had, add to that the saw dust that covers the entire house and then ask her for a solution... []

I know a local fellow that builds in a 4' crawl space, he even has a special (Short) chair buily onto a dolly. It may not be perfect but it is what he has. I started off in a 8' x 8' baby barn in the back yard, the wife loved it, no odors, dust or noise in the house and she always knew where I was.

Good Luck!
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