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Default RE: *Using Rubber O-Rings On Cowling*

That's cool to. Where can a guy buy these nylon bolts or screws? I don't think I've ever saw nylon bolts or screws at the LHS except wing hold down bolts.
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What I do on all my 25% and larger planes is to use #10 nylon screws/bolts. I tap the wooden blocks, harden with CA, retap and voila! The holes in the composite never enlarge and the cowl never loosens. IMHO using metal screws/bolts and blind nuts - is nuts. I use nylon screws/bolts to hold the canopy frame as well. Never lost a bolt this way. I have done this ever since I lost a canopy frame off a 42% Giles during a snap roll. The flight & landing was a real adrenaline pumper!

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