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Default RE: Covering question

Here are the results of my little project. The pictures are posted at the bottom of the page of the following link. I am more than pleased with how the plane looks with the new trim. I didn't do that great of a covering job but I guess I never do. And that's why I buy ARF's.

Minn: The trim solvent did not work as well as I thought it would but it did stick. If you pulled up again it didn't stick as well anymore. It was a real pain. I ended up using an iron to get the edges to stay down. If I had known the solvent didn't wok on Ultra coat I would have just used the iron and saved myself the frustration (stunk up my house pretty good too).

flyboyz: To remove it was as simple as getting a little corner going and just gently tug it off. I tried not to rip it since I needed the pieces as a template to make new ones. The Ultra coat is way better to work with than the China coat crap they put on some of these ARF's. You can't even iron out the wrinkles.
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