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Default RE: *Using Rubber O-Rings On Cowling*


Thanks Steve, I just smear 30 min. epoxy around all the holes that I make in the cowl on the inside. I'll take a look at Lowe's the next time I'm there.
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The purpose of the CA hinge is to strengthen the area around the screw hole to prevent any "wallowing out" (enlarging). Might be needed; might not. Its cheap insurance, IMO.

You can find various size nylon nuts and bolts at any hardware store that carries those "tray units" of goodies. You know; where the boxes are on stacked trays that slide out for your perusal. Most of the Ace Hardware stores around here have that, as well as Lowe's and Home Depot. If all else fails, check out

Huge selection, good folks to trade with.
I have used Steve's CA hinge idea for years. The hinge material toughens up the area around the screw hole much better than just smearing epoxy on the area. I'm not sure why, but the combination of CA with that material is super strong. I have used this method on fiber glass as well as ABS plastic with good results. I have not (yet) used the grommet in the hole. I use the socket head servo screws with a nylon washer. It is small and effective.
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