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Default RE: *Fiberglass (Gel-coated) fuse*


A gel coat is sprayed into the mold like paint, which creates a pin hole/defect free outer surface to the part, at least in theory. The composite layers are then laid on the gel coat. When the part is removed from the mold, you end up with a "perfect" outer surface. Gel coats can come in any color, but are typically white for finished parts.
When you use Gel Coat, do you let it harden first, before laying in the glass (I'm presuming that you do). And if so, how thickly does one spray a Gelcoat finish?

I'm thinking that you would spray in a coat of gelcoat, then let it dry/harden. Afterwards, you would lay in glass cloth and stick it in with epoxy resin.

Or, is there some other method. I've always been curious about this, but no one has ever answered my questions about how to lay it up..


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