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Default RE: *Fiberglass (Gel-coated) fuse*

marine tex is made for repairing cracks in gel goat.there are two typs of fiberglass fuselage there is polyester that uses the gel-coat and then there is epoxy.polyeaster continues to cure for a long time after manufacture,are heaveir than epoxy and more brittle,epoxy is more expensive and subject to pinholes.epoxy fiberglass is usually a light olive green color polyester with gel coat can be any color,white,green blue etc as dye can be added to the gel coat.when laying up a fibeglass fuselage with polyester resin,after spraying in the gelcoat layers of gloth are apllied that are saturated in laminating resin,this resin stays tacky even when cured to allow for more laminations,hold the cloth in place.the last layer is done in finishing resin which cures hard.
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