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Default RE: How to remove dihedral from wing center section?

ORIGINAL: Ernie Misner

I want to build my 4*60 ARF with zero or much less dihedral. Does anyone have any good ideas how to easily go about that? I keep thinking of installing an angled shim in the center section, and building a new hardwood joiner without the angle in it.

Thanks for any input!

That will work. Cut your new brace from hardwood ply. The shim can just be a piece of balsa that's been shaped and sanded to fit.

I'd leave a little dihedral in it. Maybe 1/2"--1" under 1 wingtip. It'll look silly without any dihedral and you won't really notice the difference between 1" of dihedral and 0 dihedral. But, you WILL notice the difference between stock dihedral and 1" of dihedral.
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