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Default RE: How to remove dihedral from wing center section?

ORIGINAL: Ernie Misner

Rcpilet, being a low wing plane, that's a good idea to leave a little dihedral. I like your idea of making a balsa shim. I kept thinking it would have to be harder wood for some reason.

I like the way my 4* 40 flies with stock dihedral, but I think it would be a bit more fun and stable during inverted manuvers with less dihedral.

The dihedral brace is going to give you the strength that you need for the wing. You can use some tapered aileron stock and fit it down in the gap on the top.

If you get everything ready and glue it all up at once, you'll get a better joint.

If you glue the brace in first and then glue the tapered pice in on the top--you won't get as good a joint.

The reason is because when you do it all at once, all the glue will dry at the same time and it will all be covering everything at once.

Wet epoxy doesn't make a very good bond to dried eopxy.

Changing the dihedral will make is LESS stable, but more fun.
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