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Default RE: 2 stroke VS 4 stroke

I have beed reading this thread with a lot of interest. It seems that the majority are in favor of the 4 strokes. My first 4 stroke was a magnum 30 that I put into a 500sqin scratch built. It was really good. Now I have a Saito 56 in a Kadet and am planning on using Saito 100 in a Stinson Reliant that will also be scratch built.

Now I see you are asking which 4 stroke Saito or OS. In my mind, it really depends on your application. In my case I am a big time scratch builder. Some of the perils you face as a designer/builder is the engine choice. I use the OS 2 stroke 35's, 40's and 46's because they share the same mounting holes. When it comes to 4 strokes ... Saito is king for me. They have grouped several of their engins in the same size case. For example the FA46, FA50, FA56 have the same mounting holes. The FA65, FA80 and FA91 have the same mounts. The FA72 and FA82 are the same mounts. Then when you get to the bigger engines, the FA120, FA150, and FA180 all share the same mounts. So for me, if one powerplant is not hauling the plane like I want it to, I simply get a bigger size. I don't think anyone could talk me out of the OS for 2 strokes or the Saito for the 4 strokes. Like the other responders to this thread have said ... The Saito costs a little more but it is well worth it. If that hasn't sold you, I can put it another way ... You spend a lot of time working and building your plane. I lot of hidden costs in time and sweat equity go into that bird. Why on earth would you "half ass" the decision over the proper engine vs a few bucks. It is a sad fact of life ... good engines do cost a little more, but, the end result is really worth it. Geez I should be a salesman for Saito ..... LOL
Good luck with your decision
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