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Default RE: Soldering Linkages

Pencil tip 40W is enough, but you can also use the mapp gas. The solder jaka mentioned is good, but the stay-brite flux is awesome. I've also used rosin core electrical solder with no issues, including 4-40 linkages on a 35% 3D ship, over 500 flights, not a single failure. In fact, I don't belive I've ever had a solder link fail and I've basically exclusively use rosin core solder, acid and paste flux and a 40W pencil iron. Obviously, you need to clean and flux first. Then on the iron, be sure the tip is very clean. Hold the tip to the 4-40 rod near the joint and wait. After about 10-15 seconds, apply solder to the joint. Be sure the solder is actually flowing becasue of the heat on the part, not the iron. Cheers.
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