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Default RE: How to remove dihedral from wing center section?

ORIGINAL: Ernie Misner

>>> The best thing you can do for a 4*60 is keep the stock dihedral, but remove one rib from each side and increase the size of the rudder by an inch in chord. And use a .91 for power, of course. If you are really feeling frisky, remove 2 ribs from each side. >>>

Interesting thoughts guys! Yes, it sure is a very low wing plane as is my 4* 40. Do any of the zero dihedral highly aerobatic planes such as the Yaks or Extras have such a low wing, or are they all in the center?

I just may go with your plan Ed!

Ed has it right on the nose. In the case of your 4-Star, leave the dihedral in, unless you are prepared to sweep the wings, or add winglets -- & why bother with all that mess.

If you just can't leave it alone, remove the dihedral & turn it into a mid-wing, then lower the horiz stab while you're at it ---- nothing to it.

Better yet, turn the wing/fuse assembly upside down & rebuild the turtle-deck on the new top-side -- then you will have anhedral, if that turns your crank.

Lots of interesting choices, but leaving it alone is as good as any of them.
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