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Default RE: Fuel Tank on CG

Any gasoline engine is going to have a pump built into the carb. Put the tank in the tail if you want too. They will pull fuel 3 or 4 feet straight up.

For a glow engine--with the tank on the CG--you'll need an engine with a pump (not many of those) or you'll need a Cline Regulator or Iron Bay Regulator.

IMO--it's worth putting the tank on the CG on just about ANY aerobatic plane. I put the tank on the CG in my little 40 size 3D planes, and I use a Cline Regulator for them.

For a 60 or 90 size Extra--absolutely it's worth the effort to put the tank on the CG. Just run a Cline Regulator on it and you'll be happy.
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