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Default RE: Soldering Linkages

ORIGINAL: fheppenheimer

Rather than soldering, could JB Weld be used to attach the clevis safely to the 4-40 rod?
It would work, but for how long would be the big question.

There's no big secret to a wrapped/soldered joint. It just takes patience... a LOT of patience. And there really aren't any shortcuts that I'd trust. You're talking a major structural component in cabanes.

Here's the cabanes on my GP Super Aeromaster. Just installed them today. Yes, they're somewhat of a PITA. Not as much as the N struts are going to be, though. But, hey... that's why I like to build these things... the challenge. I like ARFs too, but they are something you assemble to fly while you're working on a REAL project like this.

Edited to add: I DEFINITELY would not use JB Weld to secure a pushrod linkage. While the stuff is amzingly tough, i have seen it fail several times in model applications, particularly in high-vibration areas. Hey, it might work like a champ. But I'll let someone else try it out.
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