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Default RE: Transitional Pitched Prop???

The reason for the changing pitch, and Zinger was the first to market them, was to allow you to turn the higher pitch outer section at a higher rpm. You do lose some thrust by having a lower pitch near the hub, but the lower pitch also lowers the drag, allowing the prop to turn at a higher rpm. The increase in thrust from the higher rpm more than offsets the loss of thrust due to the lower pitch section near the hub.

As I recall, the original prop of this type was the 9x4-6 that was specifically made for the OS .25FSR which didn't rev enough with a 9-6 and over revved with a 9-4. I don't think they made 9-5s in those days, probably early 1980s.

I always liked the Zinger 18x6-10 on my G-38s, Q-42s and ST 3000s.
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